Clutch Release Bearing

The clutch release bearing at the interface between the rotating clutch diaphragm spring and the static release fork is one of the most highly stressed components in the clutch system.
In addition to establishing the axial off return force, the clutch release bearing system will be greatly loaded by the dust from mechanical abrasion and other Subjected to dirt particles in the ambient air, which strongly influence the life of the clutch release bearing.
by extreme conditions above mentioned will most recent available clutch release bearing destroyed, there will be the loss of the vehicle.

KAS-CLUTCH developed a clutch release bearing with an innovative sealing mechanism for all modern commercial vehicle clutch systems, which guarantees a higher economic life.
The patented clutch release bearing with the sealing mechanism of KAS-CLUTCH can be used in the various commercial vehicle clutches of small and large trucks on city buses and coaches to the site vehicle and dump truck and agriculture machines.
In the comparison to the previous clutch release bearings,  the KAS-CLUTCH Releaser with the innovative solution can be used in extreme applications, such as mining and sites vehicle suitable.


  • Longer service life through use of an innovative contact seal concept as  well as a high-performance grease.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • suitable for drawn and pressed clutch actuation system.
  • The bearing are self centered and to compensate shaft offsets..
  • Wear minimize on the plastic slide bush by use of a high performance-  plastic

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